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Displaying honesty and self-awareness beyond her years, Sydney singer/songwriter Peta Mai has quickly enraptured fans and fellow musicians alike with her soulful voice, narrative lyrics and stirring musicality.

Taking eclectic inspiration from pop, soul and R&B, Peta blends grooves with soaring vocal melodies, playing with classic instrumentation to forge a bold sound that is rich and engrossing, without sacrificing catchiness or mass-appeal.

Cold Like You is another musical evolution from Peta Mai, succeeding her release of ‘Hell or High Water’ in October 2019. With a strong pop presence and hints of soul and gospel underpinning her last track, ‘Cold Like You’ ventures further into the shadows with an edginess and angst not yet seen from the artist. 


‘We all have dark places inside of us that need warmth and light, but some people pull you further into darkness and call it love,’ Peta states, “Cold Like You is a sonic representation of the battle between hot and cold, wrong and right, love and toxicity, staying and leaving’. 


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